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Explore the beauty of the mountains on horseback! Our smart and beautiful Hutsul horses will carry you across endless meadows, through forests and rivers, up and down mountains. You will gain a completly new perspective and get in close connection with the nature surrounding you.

The local horse breed Hutsul has been bred in the Carpathians for hundreds of years, experts asume that its predecessors came to the region with the first Mongolian armees. Therefore, the Hutsul horses are highly adapted to the Carpathian mountains and will carry you through the mountains like no other horse will. The are sure-footed, friendly and very calm. This makes them very suitable for beginners.

We are offering guided tours on horseback for beginners and advanced riders. The tours may last from a few hours to up to three-day trips.

In summer you might as well take a trip in a horse carriage, in winter we are offering sledge tours instead.

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