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Snowy Mountains
Snowy Mountains


MOUNTAINEERING is not simply a sport, but a way of life, requiring a variety of skills and abilities.

Plunge into a world full of adventures, romance, risks and dangers, into the world of mountaineering!

Mountaineering is one of the best ways to enjoy active tourism in the mountains. It requires the readiness for challenges and perseverance. On your way to the mountaintop you will pass rocks, ice and snow, not to speak of extreme weather conditions.

Up in the mountains you will face a world which is higher and more real than all we know from modern civilisation. For a few moments you will have the chance to experience nature in its purest form.

Mountaineering does not only mean trekking on difficult routes with the help of ice pickles, crampons, camming devices and ropes, but also the ascent through alpine meadows, rocky slopes, rockslides and wide ridges, where the rocks remind you of thousand-year-old guards, protecting the peace and majesty of the mountains.

Many people that had never even thought about rock climbing are now scaling mountains around the world. Ascending a few mountaintops in the Carpathian Mountains is a perfect beginning for a mountaineering career.

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